This is us

In its inception, SoftWeir was a single developer, Mike Weir. In late 2006 starting with a simple dream and a desire to create, 001 Game Creator was first launched program leading to what we call SoftWeir today. A small team of dedicated developers with combined 20+ years of experience in 2D and 3D development and it’s diverse supporters spanning across nearly every continent.

What we Value

We at Softweir pride ourselves in working towards fixing complicated issues with easy-to-use solutions. From game engine design to dipping our toes into vision assistance, we work together towards the goal of helping our users realize their dreams. Even if it is as simple as getting up in the morning, turning on your pc or mobile device, and sitting down to a casual game created by one of our customers.


STEM is absolutely essential in our eyes, not just for kids, but also adults! Whether you wish to learn yourself or are looking for a great way to teach your kids core STEM+A concepts, the SoftWeir team is 100% behind you. People are learning from our Edu game design across the world and hope that you can join us!


SoftWeir has partnered with Humble Bundle and other developers to raise over $320,000+ to charitable causes in our first collaboration benefiting Child’s Play, Extra Life, and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Then our second STEM themed sale raising $116,000+ for Movember and AbleGamers over just a 1 month period. Giving back and supporting worthy causes is a common belief we continue to hold and expand as we grow.

Abiding by Standards

Along with abiding and following all governmental standards in multiple continents, SoftWeir Inc has been successfully approved for government research & development grants nearly every year since its incorporation. 001 Game Creator has been used in establishments to teach STEM+A principles for over 10 years and still counting.